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My Life For A Soul

The Hellband, Killerball

Lost of Faith

The Hellband

Lobotomized Kid

The Hellband, Caruso

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Shinigami (死神, death god(s); Viz „Soul Reaper(s)“) are guardians of the souls who are going through the circle of transmigration. In ancient times, they were known as Balancers (調整者 (バランサー), Baransā).[1][2] They purify Hollows who do evil in the World of the Living and ensure the safe crossing of souls – the Pluses who have lost their way after death – by giving them a soul burial.[3] Shinigami are the opposite of the Quincy.[4]

Within every spoken word
I witness the truth
By demons and chaos
My dreams discovered
I cut the moral chains of life
And maintain the foundations of hell

Godless reaper of souls
Bringer of punishment
Godless reaper of souls

We, the evil ones
Who arose from the world below
With blood black as night
And the mark sealed within our hearts
Come to us now, gather for revenge
God you shall kneel and kiss the eyes
(Of the dead)

We the evil ones
Who bear the mark within our hearts
We, who arose from the world below
Shall gather for revenge


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